SCHOOL CLINIC : Medical check ups and record of students are done with VKNRL, Numaligarh on a regular basis. Parents are informed immediately if a child is found to be critically ill or needs special attention. Parents are requested to avoid sending sick children to school or for appearing for examinations as the child’s health is of prime importance. The medical history of the child is to be submitted at the beginning of the session and time to time about the progress of the child through the class teacher.

SENIOR LIBRARY- Library is the learning centre. The school has vast collection of books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers. Students can borrow books for one week only on the card issued in their name. It also has computers that allow children to access audio visual aids in the library.

JUNIOR LIBRARY – A fully equipped reading centre cum library for the students of junior school exists in junior block where children can easily access the library under the supervision of the teacher.

SCIENCE LABORATORIES – The Senior school has separate Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories. Students from the secondary and senior secondary sections perform their scientific activities and experiments under the able guidance of experienced teachers.

JUNIOR SCIENCE LABORATORY – To nurture the inquisitive minds, the junior block has a fully equipped Science lab for the students for exploring and experimenting scientific facts.

MATHEMATICS LABORATORY – To develop a sense of enjoyment rather than fear, the school has a well equipped Mathematics laboratory which provides the best knowledge by practical applications.

MUSIC ROOM – Music is a true demonstration of our tradition, culture and aspirations. Our music room has a wide range of Indian and western musical instruments where all classes get to practice at least once a week.

ART ROOM – Drawing is one of the most important activities as it deals with all sort of creative activities like painting, sculpture and printmaking. The school has its art room amidst greenery at one end of the school building surrounded by forest cover and initiates the creativity of an artist to come out naturally.

LOST & FOUND CENTRE – Students losing personal belongings during the school hours can contact the lost and found section to claim his / her lost item. It can be procured after providing proof of evidence for the same.

AUDIO-VISUAL ROOM – The teachers take the help of visual aids to help young minds grasp the subject more clearly and are able to leave imprints of matter that transform from short term memory to long term memory. This facility is available at both the senior as well as the junior school building. The AV room is also utilized by students and staff for various seminars, meetings, workshops etc.

NCC ROOM – The girls have a free enrollment access to NCC junior wing, which is directly taken care of by the government as it funds the same. The boys also are enrolled

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