1. The school session starts from April and ends in March.

2. Tuition fees are payable quarterly for twelve months in a year.

3. Fees have to be paid in installments on quarterly as per the School/Hostel fees structure on or before the due dates as per the fee schedules:

4. Parents will be provided with a free booklet of fee deposit challan before the commencement of the new session. All the columns of the fee deposit challan to be filled in block letters, and said Challan to be collected from the School accounts branch during working hours.

5. It is mandatory for parents to write students’ identification no. in the fee deposit challan (provided by the school).

6. The “School copy” of fee deposit challan must be produced to the school accounts branch to update students’ fee records, Non-receipt of fee deposit slip in time will be treated as defaulter. Parents to fax or mail the deposit challan to the accounts office to avoid penalty.

7. The school fee can be paid in any of the following modes:

a) On -line transfer in favor of ‘Delhi Public School, Numaligarh’ , A/c. no. 31564390474 & ‘Delhi Public School, Hostel, Numaligarh’ A/c. no. 31564575943 maintained with State Bank of India in NRC branch (Branch code : 5377/ IFS Code : SBIN0005377). The transfer should be followed by an E-mail to :<,> confirming the above, along with your ward’s identification number.

b) Fees can also be deposited through ‘SBI Power Jyoti Challan’ in favor of ‘Delhi Public School, Numaligarh’, A/c. No. 31564390474 & ‘Delhi Public School, Hostel, Numaligarh’ A/c. no. 31564575943 of SBI at any branch of State Bank of India.

8. In case of non-payment of fee as indicated above within the due date, a late fee fine of Rs.50/- per day will be levied for a period of 15 days & Rs.100/- per day beyond 15 days up to 30 days. The fee defaulter beyond 30 days will be treated as a case of automatic withdrawal and the name of the student will be struck off the rolls. It is not obligatory on the part of school to send a fee reminder. In case of nonpayment beyond 30 days, the fee defaulter will be treated as a case of automatic withdrawal and re-admission fee will be charged over and above the late fee (if re-admission is granted).

9. Students Report Cards will be issued after all the dues of the school are cleared.

10. Parents should obtain ‘no-dues certificate’ before receiving of progress report for “Summative Assessment – I & Summative Assessment - II”, failing which the student’s report card will be withheld.

11. The fee as mentioned in the fee structure does not include the cost of photographs, expeditions, camps, books, intra school competitions, Olympiads, uniform & misc. requirements.

12. Lateral admission in School/Hostel after April, will be charged 1st Installment fee & rest at per others.

13. If a student is withdrawn from the School/Hostel in the middle of the session, Tuition fee / boarding & lodging charges for the relevant quarter along with all annual charges will be payable completely.

14. The fee structure may be revised yearly to meet the constant fluctuation in the cost of living and according to changing price index

15. Any changes of address for correspondence must be reported in writing immediately with contact number/mail id etc.


A) One month’s notice period in writing is required for student’s withdrawal from the school. The tuition fee/boarding & lodging charges for the relevant quarter along with the full annual charges for the academic session must be paid before the student is withdrawn. (Withdrawal Form is available at the school reception)

B) Midterm withdrawals:
Applicable as mentioned above in (A)

C) Withdrawal from new session:
If a child has to be withdrawn from the commencement of new session, parents must apply in writing before 5th March of the ongoing session, failing which next quarter fee will be charged in full and if not paid the same will be adjusted against refund of caution money.

D) Withdrawal after admission during a session:
In case a child is withdrawn after admission, 1st quarter fee will be charged in full and other dues will be adjusted against refund of caution money.

E) TC for children for withdrawal is not issued until all dues are settled.

F) A ‘No Due’ certificate is to be obtained from the Librarian/Lab In charge/Hostel warden while withdrawing any student from the school.

G) Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds

i) Disciplinary
ii) Unsatisfactory progress in class in spite of counseling and remedial classes
iii) Repeated detention in a class


a) The 1st copy of the fee receipt issued by the school at the time of admission supporting the payment of Caution money must be attached with the Claim.

b) The parents should submit a prescribed application form for refund (available with the School Accounts Branch). Caution Money Refund application form can be downloading from our School website.

c) The signatures of the applicant must be the same as that on the registration/Admission form submitted at the time of admission. In case there is a change in the signature, the school office must receive adequate information.

d) The caution money will be refunded after three months from the date of issue of Transfer Certificate.

e) In case of pending dues against students’ name, the sum receivable by the school will be adjusted from refundable caution money.

f) It is mandatory to fill the Bank A/c details as per prescribed application form for refund of caution money.

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